Annual General Meeting / Corporate Meeting
Looking to employ technical solutions that is essential for any corporate meetings?

APEX provide a one stop solution to meet all your general meeting needs. As a front runner in the audio visual reinforcement industry, we are able to deploy high technological solutions to impress your guests and partners.

We will take care of all your meeting/conference needs. From audio communication system to visual display of information content, we have you covered with our knowledge and expertise.


Ever experience sound distribution that are too heavy for the front row audience yet too light for your precious rear audience? With Column speakers these days, sound are distributed evenly to all your guest near or far. To top it off, it’s streamlined design makes it appealing for corporate meetings.


Ever utilized a projector that do not correctly exhibits the color you want. Or perhaps, the bulbs in the projector are too faint. These problems can be solved with our P3 LED Wall systems. These are extremely flexible system and allow users to customize your dream sizing for any projects big or small.

TV Rental)

Our range of 4K TV will be sure to awe your guest with clear and pristine information outlet throughout your venue. Our wide range of stands are also one of our biggest selling points. From functional mobile TV carts to truss stand deck in black lycra.


One of the most important segment of any live events. Live feed & video recording service is probably most sought after for private conferences, seminars & meetings.

Our team at APEX have infused the latest camera works technology to better enhance surveillance for our clients. we are able to provide 3 different view point, instead of just having 1 camera for your requirements. Not only that, we our state of the art system, we are able to preview and toggle them for your event in real time. At the end, you may even wish for an edited recording of your meeting.

~ Appreciate the team was very dedicated and did their job well remaining flexible. Appreciate it! "
Event Manager
Tristan Coulombier @ Planitswiss PTE LTD


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