APEX Media

APEX MEDIA Solutions

Our camera & video production team is able to provide solutions and services for:

  • Live Feed Video Projection, Single & Multi-Cam
  • Social Media Live Streaming
  • Event Photography & Videography
  • Video Recording & Editing
  • Video Animation Works
  • Corporate Branding Video Creation

What better way to engage your guests than having a professional video system for live feed & recording at your event?

With our business system which features multi cameras both static and roving, you can be sure we will capture every detail from all angles live. This instantly adds tremendous value and engagement for your clients during the whole event run.

For certain events which require web broadcast such as exhibitions or public seminars, our video technicians will guide you through the media process as well as live stream management.


We provide static and wireless HD Ready solutions for all your live stream application. With multiple cam plotting, our clients can now enjoy different angles and full coverage for their event.


Memorable events can now be recorded. With fast turn around time, you can expect your edits to be done within 24 hours!


Real-time broadcast of your event are also available. We offer solutions for both encrypted and public media live stream.

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