Audio & Speaker System

Audio System Solutions

Our audio system covers a wide range of speakers, digital sound mixers, microphones, amplifiers, monitors and of course conference communication system.

We understand that different types of events and venues will require different kind of sound system rental set up. Contact us for a free consultation and our team will be more than willing to assist you. We will follow up by arranging a meeting or even a site visit to your venue.

Whether it is a conference, exhibition, panel discussion, open event space, banquet, private meeting or an outdoor event. We will advise on the appropriate audio equipment for your event and ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

Speaker System Rental

We have a wide variety of speakers to suit each different event. Our team will provide you with the most suitable speaker system depending on the  location, space and crowd size of your event venue.

Microphone System Rental

Communication is probably the most critical audio aspect for any live event. Our team is experienced in dealing with microphone systems for conferences, exhibitions, roadshows, seminars or business talks.

Our inventory includes: Wireless Microphones, Headset Microphones, Lapel Microphones & Conference Microphones.

Learn more about our microphone rental.

Mixer System Rental

Every speaker/microphone system rental comes with a sound mixer. We are constantly upgrading our sound mixer system to keep up with the latest technology.

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