TV Rental

LED TV Rental Solutions

Like our name suggests (Asia Pacific Exhibitors), we partner with companies to greatly enhance their exhibition projects. What is an exhibition without visual display?

APEX rental offers an extensive range of LED TV sizes to suit your needs. We understand how critical visual content is for live events especially exhibitions & trade shows.

Our aim is for you to make an impact with your media content through our visual display solutions.

Our professional crew will handle everything from logistics to installation and mounting. For bigger projects, we can even assign video technicians to assist you personally.

Create an apex visual display for your projects and stay ahead of other exhibitors. We are determined to provide the best visual support for you.

High Resolution TV

Employ our latest display technologies to enjoy reliable crystal clear brilliance to showcase your product presentation for any event requirement!

Professional Consultation / Manpower

Our core team will deliver professional consultation on any site venue visit FOC. These are essential to cater to client various requirement. From simple installation of attaching USB to our display panels to advance deployment of a series of TV projecting similar images require more than just a rental service. We will provide the necessary visual support.

Quality Presentation

Adjustable Portable TV Stand Cart that provide professional presentation for any event. Our TV stands come with rollers and rack for easier use.

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